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All your questions answered

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your approach towards making a wedding film?

Wedding is a once in time life affair. Several emotions roll down in a wedding & while you cherish each moment, right there we are capturing that moment, preserving your memories and giving them the most sensitive touch.


We have a fixed team of professionals who are experienced , trained and familiar with our approach ( USP ) and this is how we keep ourself consistent in terms of quality giving in our  best to every project that we do .

Our videos are not based on trends but on content, Visuals, attention to sound while still keeping the essence of emotions in place, we present every wedding in the most refreshing and unique style without losing out on the details and the essence of our approach.


                                |  Learn more about  OUR APPROACH  |


Ours is not a grand affair, is it still possible to get you on board ?


Luxury is not about money, it is all about experience .

We are a bunch of passionate individuals working as a team who seek great stories. TELL US YOUR STORY and we will help things fall in place by

customizing a package .

Do you travel ?

Yes, we do travel all across the world.


What are the deliverables ?



A 5 minute heartfelt wedding trailer and a 20 - 30 minute cinematic highlight film are our primary deliverables. 


Along with this, we also provide separate video cuts of the Bride & Groom Entry, dance performances and Sacred Pheras (which has the essence of beautiful emotions & rituals).These are our special and unique deliverables 


Each wedding is unique in its own way and We always make sure that we capture plenty of photos for each moment of the day.


However, on an average, through the wedding 

we deliver 300 + edited/color corrected photos per day  which includes  Retouched Couple Portraits & another 40-50 photos per day for a Prewedding session.


However I often spend time to create GIFs, double exposures, and some creative art for my clients. So you will to see a bit of it in your collection .

We do not over promise, but we sure do over deliver. So, don’t worry about the pictures once we are with you – there is no limit on the number of pictures we take . We deliver everything that matters to you !

Do you photoshop your clients ?


From day one, my photography is always about celebrating love and authenticity. I share photos of all my clients just the way they

are because each one is beautiful and unique in their own way.

We won’t photoshop you taller or skinnier, won’t photoshop the scar on your forehead that is a part of your identity and will won’t photoshop to alter what is real and true for you. However, we often photoshop out temporary blemishes like bruises and acnes. 

Are you okay if we hire additional videographers/ photographers or Can we book you for only 1 section of service (e.g only for films) ?

Yes, we are totally okay with that and we have huge respect for the choices you make, after all it's your wedding. We would render full cooperation to the other team and would expect the same in return. 


We try to keep our compositions clean by avoiding distractions


When can we expect the delivery ?


For Pre-weddings, we deliver within 2 weeks whereas 

For weddings, we deliver within 8 weeks. Other photographers may promise to deliver within the same time or lesser. However, while we abide by our promise we do not deliver  anything shorter since I often spend time in Paying attention to every single shot.

Truly, you have the rest of your life to look at these photos so I want to make sure EVERY SINGLE PHOTO I deliver is something I am proud of. I want to make sure you get the best of me and not something I have to rush in order to meet some crazy fast deadline.

With that being said, I always go back to my philosophy of “underpromise and overdeliver”. Most of my clients often get their gallery back before the deadline included in the contract .



Editing a film is a creative process and we take it very very seriously. Each film goes through a series of iterations till we reach a point where we can proudly say " this is our best work till date". It usually takes us 2-3 months to deliver your complete film based on our work schedule.

How big is your team ? 


The size of the team is decided based on individual requirements & preferences. A team of 6 members is ideal to capture photo & video visuals a wedding in its entirety. However, we can increase the number of our team members if the circumstances so require.

My wedding is next year, is it too early to inquire ?

It is never too early or late to inquire and so drop us a message checking for our availability and we will surely try being a part of your big day.

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