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Sony- A7siii ( A Perfect Film Camera to shoot Weddings )

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

For every film maker a good camera is one of the first and foremost necessity. Over the years Sony has been bringing the best camera to the market for a seamless experience when it comes to photography or cinematography. For us, our filmmaking journey started with Sony about half a decade back and since then we have been relying on Sony's camera for the best shots. Our aim is to capture the live moments and most natural moments in a wedding and thus we are highly dependent on the shutter speed and the autofocus ability of a camera. With Sony constantly working on bettering their performance, their newest launch has been Sony a7sIII. This mind-blowing camera comes in a light weight packaging which has been very beneficial for us as we are often running from one part of the venue to another to capture emotional moments in a wedding when they occur.

Capturing the best of a wedding can be done in two ways, one is to create stills and one is to capture stills. Our agenda is not to create a scenario for pictures but as a wedding is already one of the most emotional events of one’s life, we want to capture the emotions as and when they are shown at their best. Thus, working with Sony a7sIII has been a great experience so far as I can now shoot instantly without worrying about the best of photographs coming blurred to the screen or worse, distorted. The 4k sensor has lit up the use even better because it has given us the opportunity to capture the most life like photos and since we started filming with this new feature our clientele has been enchanted with the results. Our customers have often shed a few tears of joy when they saw their wedding albums because of the life like pictures.

Photos are meant to transport us back in time and this journey has been ever so mesmerizing with Sony a7sIII because of its features such as 12 MP full frame BSI CMOS sensor and 4K/24p video taken from 6K width. Sony has never failed to impress us with their technology and design that goes hand in hand for the brand and with this new launch they have impressed us even more. We have always been working with Sony and in the past few years we even used other cameras from leasing brands such as Canon but when Sony launched a7sIII, with its impeccable features and the improvement from their last edition we have all shifted to this new gem in our team. This even convinced some real fans of Canon in our team once they tried their hands on this lightweight genius!

Sony a7sIII has a few spaces where it still has room for improvement but we are looking forward to those with newer additions. The brand took so many years to come up with this piece and they have nog disappointed us with its no nonsense features and movie like output. The best part of the camera as per my own experience is the ability of the camera to provide the crystal clear shots with its autofocus which is a 93% coverage. To be an alpha like this series the autofocus is divided into 693 phase detection points and 425 contrast detection points! Now we know why our clients relive their most precious moments from their wedding when they see their pictures!

If these are not enough to get any professional filmmaker their hands on this beast then I want to tell them that for wedding filmmakers like us, moving around with the heavy body cameras is a task. Thus, with Sony a7sIII and it’s light weight packaging that gives out the most beasty shot, I will invest the amount on this to derive the most joyous experience from our customers. Weddings and connected to emotions in every form and hence, the moments must not be compromised with in any way. With Sony a7sIII, we do not have to worry about missing out on such precious moments ever again.

Content Written by - Srijita Chakarborty

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