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Wedding Film Making during the Pandemic

Weddings are a crucial part of our lives and we have a million dreams revolving around this beautiful ceremony. But like everything else in our life, the pandemic brought a halt to the weddings that were planned in 2020 too! But once the lockdown was lifted and maintaining social distancing and other regulations instructed by the government, we started filming the beautiful weddings that came our way. First things first, given the economical crisis led by the pandemic we are really grateful to our clients who put their faith in us and let us capture the wonderful moments during the

ir wedding. Weddings are emotional affairs and we couldn’t let the pandemic come in any way in terms of reducing the fun factor from our weddings. We made sure that our team is extremely careful during all events and sanitized at all points and at regular intervals making sure that we do not put anyone’s health at risk be it our clients or our team members.

The first and foremost thing that we followed was arranging highly protective 3 dimensional masks for every team member and they had to have it on at all times. Apart from this non movement restrictive protective gear was worn by our team members during every shoot be it outdoor or indoor. As a filmmaker we were always on our toes and had to run around the venue to ensure we do not miss out on any precious moment of our wedding. This made it tough for us to run around in PPE kits and hence, we made sure we wear flexible protective gear during our shoots. We also ensured not just us but our equipment are also sanitized at regular intervals through sanitization sprays and surface sanitizers. Just because we were busy capturing the best of the weddings it did not deter us even for a moment to forget the safe practices needed to get through this pandemic in good health.

Capturing wedding films includes many processes and one of the most important of those moments are the interactions with people. We had to sit and talk to our clients about their best moments and precious memories which led up to their wedding. Hence, we needed to have this one on one chat which played a key role in their ultimate wedding Film. During such sessions we made sure to sit a meter away from across our clients maintaining absolute social distancing norms even though we and our clients both took protective measures. This was important for us and we made quality checks of the audio with the best technology that we have so that social distancing and protective gears during the COVID-19 did not affect our wedding Film's quality in any way. The bride and groom as well as their entire family gave their valuable inputs to the wedding Film and as expected some people were elderly and we made sure we do not put their health at any risk during the shoot.

For outdoor shoot, we sanitized the area where the shoot was supposed to take place and for our indoor shoots we did the same. Weddings are no more the crowded affairs as they were before the pandemic and hence these intimate weddings have an essence of their own. The pandemic provided us the opportunity to explore this arena and also build a new set of films which we never thought was possible. This is only because our clients decided not to postpone their precious wedding day and take every possible measure to ensure our wellbeing as well as theirs while we enjoyed shooting their most important day in life. We are grateful to every one of our clients who did not doubt the possibility of an intimate wedding and trusted us enough to catch the natural and beautiful essence of a strictly family and friends event. The pandemic provided us with also a new chance to believe the willingness to capture the best moments of wedding even through the hardest times.

Content by - Srijita Chakraborty

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